Own The Day, Own Your Life

Entertainment Value- 6/10

Life Value- 9/10

Read- If your life sometimes lacks structure on your path to self-improvement.

Don't Read- If you eat a high carbohydrate diet, are convinced dietary fat will make you fat, and are cranky and not interested in taking day to day advice from someone with lots of money.

I loved this book, Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus, founder and CEO of a company near and dear to my heart, Onnit. 

OTDOYL can be described as a self-help book for people who are already on a path to what Marcus calls "Total Human Optimization." The philosophy represented in these pages insists that to live your best life, you need to look at one single day- and own it. 

I'd imagine certain concepts would be difficult to follow if you've never heard of things like a "ketogenic diet," and cold thermogenisis- basically forcing all the air out of your body and taking a freezing cold shower not long after waking up.

Marcus does a masterful job of explaining the science and research around the unconventional methods described and offers simple and intriguing daily practices to indeed get the most out of every day you're alive.

My favorite chapters of the book were "Eat a Weird Lunch" and "Eat Dinner Like a King" where Aubrey shares some of his go-to recipes that help fuel great workouts and keep the body in fat-burning mode by controlling blood sugar. 

You can expect chronological instruction from the first chapter to last, starting with waking up and creating a morning routine and ending with a deep, restful nights sleep, after some great sex of course. 

Overall, this book had a lot of recycled information highlighted in early works but author's in the same circle of interests and information. I really enjoyed being presented with a way to not necessarily copy his day per se, but use it as influence to create my own perfect day, to own it, and in essence, own my life.


“SEE YOUR FUTURE I want you to imagine yourself a year from now. You know that in a year you are going to be different, whether you do nothing or something. And the choices you make between now and then will determine that difference. But for today, I want you to imagine owning all those other days. Visualize that you wake up with purpose and clarity. You push yourself against resistance. You take control of your diet and supplementation. You turn dead time into alive time. You work effectively and aren’t afraid to power down the engines to rest. You train your body into a durable, capable machine. You connect with yourself, your friends, and the universe. You turn sex into an adventure of pleasure. You go to sleep with a mission, and actually … sleep. Imagine what a year of living like that has done for you. Walk in the shoes of that new person. See yourself through that person’s eyes. Look in the mirror at that body. Maybe the circles under your eyes are gone, and that stubborn weight has lifted—mentally and physically. See what has happened in your career, and in your family. That person is you, on the other side of Resistance. If you see it clearly enough, it will be done.”

“Time is the wrong metric to use when we evaluate work. Because it’s not just about how much time you work, it’s about how effectively you use that time.” 

“To live one day well is the same as to live ten thousand days well. To master twenty-four hours is to master your life.” 

“To put it another way: if you don’t eat fat, you’re probably fat.”