The Light at the End of the Tunnel

There's light at the end of the tunnel.


It's a phrase that I hear over and over and over in my head.


Not because something dark or terrible is going on now and I need out. The opposite actually.


The "tunnel" is a dope place. It's where I do my learning, my training, my work.


There are days where there's not much going on in the tunnel. I work my 6-2, or in most cases 6-6, and do very little to get closer to the light. I try to minimize those days.


But the days when I wake up at 4 in the morning to train, spend my lunch break with my nose in a book or stay up an extra hour or two to get educated through one of my favorite podcasts, I'm winning.


When I sit across from someone on The Primal Lifestyle Podcast who's doing something they love and for that hour get to share their successes, failures, goals and mindset, I'm winning too.


I have an ethos and it goes something like this.


  1. Train everyday.

  2. Listen to a podcast every day.

  3. Read a book a week.

  4. Once a week, invite someone over who is on a similar path and record an intimate conversation for my tribe to be inspired and educated by.

  5. Post a blog once every two weeks with well researched information for the same reason listed above.

  6. Be the best husband I can be that day. Well; fiance.

  7. Eat well.

  8. Sleep well.

  9. Be well.

  10. Should I fail to hit my goals, remind myself of the light at the end of the tunnel and haul ass.


I'm cognizant of my fears. Which are the following.

  • What if I have to stay on a rotating shift at my day job and can't consistently coach, keep up with my podcast, blog and website or open my own gym.

  • What happens if I have kids? Will I be a good father?

  • Will I always feel like training EVERYDAY?

  • Noone likes what I'm doing.

  • They think I'm weird.

  • I think one of the keys to being more successful in fitness would be post videos of me training, but I really don't want to.

  • Ok, I'm going to start doing that now, but now I'm this weirdo who's always talking to the camera in his phone.

  • What does my family think of what I'm doing?


Legitimate-sounding fears. But here's what FEAR is.


False Evidence Appearing Real.


"What if they don't like me..."


False Evidence Appearing Real.


"What if I have to choose between what makes me the most money vs doing something I love?"


False Evidence Appearing Real.


"Will my life become a what if story, with regrets, chances never taken and a tunnel that's been cemented shut...AHHHH!"


False Evidence Appearing Real.


None of these questions are a threat to life, a threat to my dreams or goals or your dreams and goals, because they are not real.


False evidence. Fake news. Not real questions.


There's light at the end of the tunnel. Why?


Because of how fucking bright the tunnel is in the first place!


Not only can I see what I'm doing in here. I can see it, learn it and potentially master whatever it is I want!


I don't have to live in fear because of the present moment. Here, there's no past, future. Only light. Here I get to; 

Train everyday.

Listen to a podcast every day.

Read a book a week.

Once a week, have someone over who is on a similar path and record a podcast.

Write blogs.

Spend time with my fiance.

Eat like a king and sleep next to a queen.

And get to know that if I fell short today,

There is a tomorrow.


My fears aren't real. But the wandering mind is. Fate might be real. Manifestation is real. A friend once told me, picture where you want to be and pretend you're there.


How did you get there? What steps did you take? Work your way backwards.


Dope advice.


So today, I'm at the end of the tunnel, figuring it all out day by day. It's why I do what I do.


Because today I'm right where I need to be.


All part of a bigger purpose, all part of the journey.


I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's really fucking bright.
















On IG I see people say the struggle is real

Fuck yeah it can be when you get a raw deal 

But you know what happened if you stopped making excuses?

The sad quotes you find all would be useless.

There's something inside you, real deep called Self

That's way more than work, school and everything else.

Kid, write a beautiful fucking story.

Not a story about money, power or wealth,

Dig deep and write the story of yourself.

Overcome resistance, overcome anxiety, its worth the hastle.

Scoop your Princess from a top the castle.

See the world, live, love and travel!

Warrior up kid, find, fight and conquer your battle.



Sometimes it still feels like your here, so I'm not that sad.

Sometimes I hear your voice when I ask my conscience questions, so I'm not that mad.

Sometimes butterflies land close to me and your girls say that's you visiting, and I feel glad.

Sometimes I have a funny story I think you'd like so I tell it to the sky. I always tell the truth because when I was little you told me never to lie.

I miss when you'd laugh so hard, you'd start to cry. I miss your egg in a cup, meat, potatoes & vegetables and liverwurst on rye.

Anyways Yaya, I got work early tomorrow so I gotta go inside. Happy 'one year' with God in Heaven, bet ya had no idea I could rhyme.

For my Grandmother, Ellen "Sissy" Campbell, My Yaya.


Old Friend

I hope whatever you're going through, you get through fast

Whether pain, anxiety, search for money or truth- I  hope your tide turns.


If you're jealous or scared, I guess I understand,

I hope you start to notice that actions make the man.


When she died you didn't show or call and when I fell in love you weren't there,

It really hurt both times- I felt it in my bones.


I figured when I found by bride, you be standing next to me,

I thought that's how shit worked. I thought that's how it was meant to be.


It's All Love all the time.

All Love all the time.


That's the difference between the life you're living that is yours

and this life I love that is mine.