Onnit Academy in Austin, TX

My name is John Robert Campbell, but you can call me "J." I'm a self proclaimed "Primal Jedi" and proudly the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Staten Island Muay Thai in my hometown of Staten Island, New York.


My story

In 2014 I began a journey into health and wellness that turned my life around from the outside-in. I was born in Staten Island, moved to Freehold, New Jersey when I was a baby, to Devnille, NJ when I was a child and back to Staten Island, NY when I was thirteen. I've been here ever since. 

I fell in love with health and fitness when in my late teens and early twenties I noticed I was significantly heavier than most other kids. I felt out of breath when I tied my shoes and would uncomfortably sweat while pretty much doing anything. I started working out in a typical gym and lacked the discipline and know-how to experience any real, lasting results. I joined a different gym with structured high-intensity interval training and kickboxing classes and saw great results. I continued to tweak my diet until I found out about a weird coffee concoction made with butter and coconut oil and learned of the benefits of a ketogenic diet. That's what I've been on for the last several years and I feel better and younger than I did 10 years ago when tying my shoes and walking up steps was a major chore.

I was introduced to martial arts and fell in love all over again. I trained Muay Thai for a year under Coach Vinny Scotto at Staten Island Muay Thai, and while I stayed in shape and felt happy, there was still a want and need to work high intensity intervals into my routine. 

I came full circle and became a certified trainer by "Total Human Optimization" company Onnit in 2017. I currently use unconventional training and techniques to coach Strength and Conditioning at my home gym, Staten Island Muay Thai. My dream job indeed. I started a blog shortly there-after to highlight my consistent lessons learned about health, fitness, martial arts and the human body. I believe my passion in life has a higher purpose and take great pride as well as precaution in any advice given and any regimen implemented for my clients, my friends. In light of striving to fulfill that bigger purpose, my mind and platform is open to a wide variety of like-minded individuals who share similar dreams. 

All love.

Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.
— Steven Pressfield, The War of Art